HARIS IDEED, being fascinated to natural painting art as a passion in his childhood, later realized his call in photography and subsequently obtained a diploma from one of the masters in photographical institutions, Indian institute of photography, Cochin in India.
HARIS IDEED has been working independently since 2000, as a commercial photographer based in Kuwait, Operating in Middle East as well as in India. He is an expertise & market recognized photographer in Food & Product Adverts, Interiors, Landscapes, Media / TV Commercials….

HARIS IDEED, with his work excel has earned credits and associations with famous Brands, Hotels and Corporates. He is also committed to work along with few many advertising agencies in the region.

Rewards and recognitions accomplished
• Kuwait Times Photography Award in 1998
• Kuwait Oil Co Photography Award in 2004

TIPS on advantages of Commercial/ Advertising Photography
It’s a well-known but everlasting proverb stands with the need of advertisement “ First impression is the best impression”.
Good quality commercial photography is very important for your business impressions because it will help give a positive image, entice and retain customer focus and ensure a prosperous and bright future.

It’s A Team Effort
An advertising photographer rarely works alone, for their talents must synchronize with those of the other part of the TEAM, the art directors. Their mutual communications and sharing of ideas produces the final ‘look’ or ‘sensation’ of the illustration.

The mean of Food Imaging
The “appearance” of a FOOD is the first “taste” of it. Food details reaches customers in the forms of palm lets, broachers & MENU cards. Professional food photography brings this business need into reality. It is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants. The role of the food stylist is most important in making the food look attractive for photographical angles and shades. The creative photographical image is the team effort of the remaining people.